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The Middle of Nowhere

In 2016 the crew at MOTIVFISHING set out on an exploratory fly fishing mission to a tiny Pacific island in the middle of nowhere and were the first foreigners to land on a plane in this remote area. In cooperation with the indifly foundation and Costa Sunglasses their hope is to work with the local people to protect this tiny island from being overrun by foreign entities who might otherwise exploit this fishery for their own self interest.

At the End of a Rainbow

The Ozernaya River winds serpentine-like through a remote corner of Kamchatka in Far East Russia. In one of the most intact eco-systems left in the Northern Pacific, rainbow trout eat mice for breakfast, and the salmon run in the hundreds of thousands. This bounty attracts two kinds of people; those who want to protect, and those who want to exploit. Rampant salmon poaching is big business on Kamchatka, and once the salmon are gone, entire eco-systems collapse. "At the End of a Rainbow" explores how fly fishing can help protect the wilderness, and celebrates the beauty and wonder of one of the most vibrant places on Earth.

120 Days

David magnum is obsessed with Tarpon fishing. So obsessed he built himself a paraglider to scout new locations. So obsessed that he has a skull for a buoy to serve as message for any neighboring boats. Keep your distance, he’s earned that spot. Travis Rummel and Ben Knight of Felt Soul Media capture beautifully why fisherman are obsessed with tarpon and the dedication it takes to become an expert like Mangum.


In 2005 Ilya Sherbovich, owner of Ponoi River Russia, began exploring the rivers of remote Siberia. His expeditions were no small task and not for the faint of heart. The first trip took him to two rivers, the Besuki and Olanjok, in Yakutia province. It was a successful mission but Ilya and his mates knew they had just scratched the surface. 11 years later Ilya amassed a crew of a dozen anglers and explorers with the goal of surveying further into the Yakutia province than ever before. Yakutia is the story of this intrepid group and their adventure across 10 far-flung Siberian rivers. Within these distant watersheds they find taimen, lennok, grayling and monster pike while engaging in an ultimate pursuit for Russian Nelma… a giant predatory fish fish which has never been caught on a fly.

Old Friends New Fish

Three women return to the rivers of Montana where they met and became friends twenty years earlier. Much has changed in their lives, but fishing still unites them and serves as a metaphor for much of the joy and challenge along the way.


On the tiny island of Holbox, a stone's throw from the Mexico mainland, lives a legendary angler named Sandflea. People from all over the world travel here to fish with him. One such gringo is Mike Dawes, who stumbled into Sandflea's welcoming home years ago and quickly became family. On land, Sandflea's a dad, a grandfather, the unofficial mayor, a teacher, and the main source of dinner for his neighbors and friends. On the water, he's as schooled as they come when it comes to permit and tarpon. But a childhood bout of Scarlet fever weakened Sandflea's heart and has led him to multiple surgeries. His willingness to share with all of us makes it all the more ironic . . . the guy with the biggest heart needs a new one. This is the story of the unlikely friendship between two anglers and the willingness of the fly fishing industry to rally around a guide in need.


Convergence explores our relationships with our favorite waters as well as the importance of family & friends and our responsibility to share healthy landscapes with future generations. It is a collaborative effort between Conservation Hawks and the creative & technical team at Conservation Media. It was was filmed on location in Montana and Idaho in September, 2016. The cast includes Hilary Hutcheson, Ella Hutcheson, Delaney Hutcheson, Travis Swartz (aka Hank Patterson), Perk Perkins, Simon Perkins, Els Van Woert and Pippa Perkins.

Running the Coast

Running the Coast is a raw, candid, multi-year odyssey following the Striped Bass migration from Virginia to Maine. The story of sleep-deprived, fish obsessed, striped bass anglers follows a crazed line from the Chesapeake Bay up the coast through Maryland, New Jersey, New York City to Long Island and on to Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard and Maine and finally at the intersection point of the return in Montauk, NY. The successes and failures are laid out against not only stunning waterscapes, but the subplot of a fish in trouble. A fish that has been in decline since 2006, despite being the most sought after fish on the east coast dating to before America was even a nation. The magic of a fish willing to literally go anywhere - from shallow, secluded wetlands to rocky beaches and busy metropolitan cityscapes, defies imagination and made for an historical and unforgettable trip. Special thanks to Howler Brothers. Yeti. IGFA.

Odd Man Out

Fly fishing is Camille Egdorf’s life. From her early days at her family’s fishing lodge in Alaska to her current angling adventures around the globe, she has carved her own a path through a traditionally male-dominated industry.